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A lawsuit was again filed against AstraZeneca by the European Commission.  "The goal is not money, but vaccine delivery."

A lawsuit was again filed against AstraZeneca by the European Commission. “The goal is not money, but vaccine delivery.”

Attorneys European Commission Another lawsuit was filed against the British-Swedish company AstraZeneca, demanding fines for breaching the terms of the contract. The company delivered nearly 30 million doses to Etihad, and 120 million were expected to be delivered in the first quarter.

We are calling for 90 million suspended doses, and European Union countries need these vaccines

UNHCR spokesman Stephane de Kiersmaker said.

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Why does the European Union not want to extend the contract with Astra Zeneca?

The European Commission wants vaccines first, then compensation

In the first case, the European Commission wants the court to recognize that the situation is urgent Vaccines It must be delivered. The second action concerns the merits of the case – the commission accuses AstraZeneka of breaching the terms of contracts, and then demanding fines.

The goal is not to get the money, but to get the vaccines

The spokesman added.

Doctors are encouraged to encourage vaccinationYou have not been vaccinated? You might be in an “awareness interview.”

The commission wants it by the end of June AstraZeneca The remaining 90 million doses and the remaining 180 million were delivered by the end of September. The contract with the company negotiated by Brussels on behalf of the European Union states provides for the total deliveries 300 Million doses. The commission gave up the possibility of purchasing an additional 100 million because of problems with timely delivery. The union says AstraZeneca has not provided a reliable schedule for subsequent dosing delivery Vaccines.

What about the availability of vaccines?Where are the dates available? The government provides a special tool

AstraZeneca sees no problem

AstraZeneca does not believe there has been a breach of contract. According to Reuters, The company’s lawyer claims that the company has not pledged to provide all doses of the vaccine, but has only confirmed that it will “do its best” in this regard.