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A new daily task in the basketball game Swoops is called Swoops GM

Swoops GM is a new daily free-to-play task in the in-development basketball game Swoops, which features NFT ownership. Swoops launches a new challenge team from the NBA every day at 12 AM PST. To take on the challenge, players choose their own NBA starting lineup. The results will be made public at around 5:30 p.m. Pacific time. A daily reward is awarded to the player with the greatest margin of victory.

Our goal is simple: establish a virtual basketball paradise that is owned and created by our fans,” CEO and Co-Founder Manish Sinha states in a news statement for Swoops, which was founded in 2012. Before then, use Swoops GM to improve your squad and lineup constructing abilities and earn a little money as you do it.

GM is snatched up

Swoops will be released in its entirety in the current year’s autumn. It’s up to the players to design their own teams and manage their rosters in the complete release. Owners may then put their players on the line for monetary prizes.

For example, “we’re converting basketball games from a passive spectator experience to an active one emphasised by complete team and player ownership,” says Sinha.