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Otwarcie restauracyjnych ogródków, decyzja Sądu Najwyższego ws. kredytów we frankach szwajcarskich i ciekawe gospodarcze tematy – to wszystko czeka nas w nadchodzącym tygodniu.

A new week in economics: easing restrictions and important decision for the Swiss franc

The opening of restaurant gardens, the Supreme Court ruling on Swiss franc loans, interesting economic issues – all this awaits us next week

Tuesday will be very important, as the Supreme Court will then issue a ruling on the loans in Swiss francs. This decision will be a benchmark for other Polish courts to adjudicate Swiss franc cases. So it will be known what people who feel deprived of banks can rely on.

Next week is also Impact’21 – The most interesting economic forum in the country. It takes place on Wednesday and Thursday in Warsaw. There will be the prime minister, all the ministers of the economy, and the heads of the largest state-owned companies and private companies. MFM radio journalists will be present to cover the event. We have a lot of interesting conversations ahead of us.

In the coming days, we will also have to ease restrictions. From May 15, the regulation introduced a change in gastronomy. They will be allowed to stay from Friday until May 28 Open gardens in restaurants and other permanent catering establishments.

“From May 15, 2021 to May 28, 2021, commercial activities within the meaning of the provisions (…) that consist of preparing and serving meals and drinks to guests sitting at tables or guests who choose their dishes from the displayed menu, consumed on site (…) and related to The consumption and serving of drinks (…) is permitted in the catering park that is understood as a place designated for seasonal use for catering purposes, where this activity is carried out, or in the catering park at a petrol station “- written in the list. Weddings will start too, and we’re slowly starting to get back to normal.