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Accelerates the growth of the US space force

Accelerates the growth of the US space force

The U.S. Air Force has been actively recruiting for the service. The plans for 2021 are very ambitious.

US President Joe Biden’s confidence vote begins to end. The U.S. space force is beginning to evolve into the Sixth Military Branch. By the end of 2021, 6,500 people are expected to serve in the space force. In early May of this year, the “Guardians”, known as Soldiers of the Air Force, completed their first basic military training. During the special camp for recruitment, 35 people trained for seven and a half weeks.

The next exercises include, among other things, aviation knowledge. The training team consists of 31 men and 4 women. For training, the United States will use its units in California, Texas and Mississippi.

All of the activities described are aimed at strengthening the space division and its further development. The branch was started by President Donald Trump, who wanted to respond to threats placed directly in space by creating a new branch.

The Americans are the world’s foremost team of soldiers dedicated to extraterrestrial missions.