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Spektakularna metamorfoza w Projekt Zdrowie! Pan Rafał schudł 24 kilogramy!

Amazing transformation into Projekt Zdrowie! Mr. Rafa’a lost 24 kilograms! ›

Mr. Raffae began treatment in January of this year, and had dreamed of finally dealing with unnecessary kilograms. From the start, he showed great determination and commitment. Always positive. And the position is half the battle! We invite you to read the interview with Mr. Rafaei.

Why did you decide to lose weight?
First of all, I wanted to shed unnecessary kilograms, have a better mood, and learn healthy eating. A few years ago I was on the Dukan Diet, it was fine, but then I got back into bad habits and with “junk” food my weight came back twice as fast, so I decided to see a specialist.

Did you have any concerns at first?
Yes, I was a little scared, but I don’t know what, it doesn’t hurt … I thought it wouldn’t work, it looks good in TV ads or newspapers. I had loads of delicious recipes, turned on physical activity and the effects came before I knew it. Now I know that if a guy has strong will, he wants something a lot and will stick to his head so he can do it, it’s real. I won!

What drove you the most?
The most motivating thing for me was that my friend also took the treatment and lost weight, and the result was amazing. He’s still following the recommendations and he’s happy, so why wouldn’t I be able to do it. The second motive is “the cruel face of my beloved wife.” I think I got scared and decided to do something about it. I’m kidding, of course, I wanted to feel good in my body, and be in full force and so do I.

Are you satisfied with the effects of the treatment?
Yes, I am very pleased with the treatment, and I highlight these effects. Change the size of clothes, how you feel. As in the “I want today” ad, this is perhaps the most important thing.

Would you recommend Projekt Zdrowie Nutritional Center?
Of course, of course. First of all, results, weight reduction. I didn’t feel hungry from the diet, everything was great, recommendations were individually matched by a great nutritionist who was always helpful and smiling. He will adjust everything so that a person is satisfied, satiated and at the same time reduces body weight.

No more, no less. If you want to fight for better well-being, we invite you for a free consultation with our dietitian. Everyone can achieve their success!

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