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An important victory for Atlético de Madrid.  The Spanish championship is approaching Pica Nona

An important victory for Atlético de Madrid. The Spanish championship is approaching Pica Nona

W. La Liga Fierce communication Are fighting For the ultimate victory. Four teams compete for the championship and none of them can allow themselves to make a mistake, as it could spell the final end to their winning dreams. League. On Tuesday, I stumbled Barcelona, Who drew 3: 3 with Levante. The Catalans’ stumble could have taken advantage of Atletico on Wednesday. Madrid had to win to maintain their leadership position and increase their superiority Barcelona And pressing Real Madrid.

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Four teams compete for the Spanish championship. “We’ll see more ups and downs”

An important step for Atlético towards the championship. He decided the first half

Atletico They were by far the better team in the first half and with better performances could close the game after the first 45 minutes. The hosts can’t complain anyway. In the 16th minute, Marcos Llorente played a wonderful match from the depths of the field in “Sixteen”, and here Yannick Carrasco found himself. Take the ball from outside FootThe ball rebounded slightly to his side, but the Atletico player managed a shot, after which his team was leading 1-0. He scored the second goal in the 28th minute. Luis Suarez hit the ball in the Real Madrid penalty area and Angel Correa perfectly sent a pass “into the alley”. Correa did not miss him and put the ball in the net next to the goalkeeper. Real took a bite in the 30th and 36th minutes thanks to Alexander Isaac. First, his powerful shot from about 14 meters was reversed by the goalkeeper, then, after a single action and shot from the “16” area, the ball flew past the goal.

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In the second part of the meeting, not much happened. Atletico quietly and quietly tried to win until the final whistle. In the end, I got three points, but in the end I got a little nervous. In the 83rd minute Igor Zubeldia hit the ball into the net after a corner kick and it was 2: 1. But that was all Real Sociedad could do.

Atletico can now easily wait for their rivals to transfer. With the queue remaining, Atletico are six points ahead of Seville and four points ahead of Barcelona. Five points are also lost by Atletico Real MadridBut Zidane’s players still have the 36th round ahead of them.