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Analysts: Fuel prices stabilized with the possibility of slight increases

Analysts: Fuel prices stabilized with the possibility of slight increases

In the last week of April, drivers can count on price stability at gas stations with potential for slight increases – experts predict. According to analysts at BM Reflex, there is no chance of prices dropping below 5 PLN per liter.

In the opinion of Urszula Cieślak and Rafał Zywert of BM Reflex, despite the recorded drop in fuel prices in the wholesale market, “there is no opportunity for prices to drop at least below PLN 5 / liter, and it is certainly not possible for prices to drop to year levels the past “.

However, they do not rule out that in the coming days we will witness a decrease in fuel prices in some stations, but it is not known to what extent it will affect the national average.

“It may turn out that average prices will remain high and close to current levels” – BM Reflex experts believe. As they recall, over the past year the increase in fuel prices, depending on the type, was in the range of 24 to 41 percent – diesel oil was the least expensive, Autogas the most expensive, and 95 and 98 octane gasoline rose 26 and 24 percent, respectively. .

In contrast, analysts indicated the first cut this year. “Last week, we recorded the first reduction in the cost of refueling this year, but the change was symbolic and amounted to only 0.01 PLN,” – they note. They made a reservation that the drivers had nothing to rely on at the moment.

As they explained, crude oil remains very expensive and the rise in commodity prices removes hope for cheaper refueling, which could have been caused by the strengthening of the zloty against the dollar in April.’s retail fuel market forecast for the last week of April assumes “price stability with possible slight increases”. Analysts expect drivers to pay 5.22-5.33 Polish zloty for a liter of 95-octane gasoline. The estimated price for diesel is 5.12-5.23 zlotys per liter, and for autogas – 2.48-2.53 zlotys per liter.