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Sprawa andrychowskiej strefy w prokuraturze, sądzie i CBA. Kto zawinił?

Andreashu District Case in the Attorney General’s Office, Court and Central Anti-Corruption Bureau. Who is at fault?

As mentioned earlier, Andrychów City Office is trying unsuccessfully to find a company that will repair Andrychów Economic Zone. Two companies entered the second bid: FBSERWIS from Warsaw with an offer 9.5 million Polish zlotys The AGC Bytom with a show 14.6 million PLN. However, the municipality intends to allocate only 5 million PLN for this purpose, so the bid was canceled.

Let us remind you that with the previous company building the area – Grave Tomasz Gwóźdź – The municipality terminated the contract after the retaining wall began to crack and the road and sidewalk collapsed, and the company did not proceed to repair the defects.

District reform consists of (as mentioned in the tender available on the Public Information Bulletin website):

– Building stone supports from gabion baskets with a slope of approximately 1: 1 with an offset of 1 meter from the face of the walls, as protection for existing retaining walls with appropriate drainage and intermediate foundation in the ground.

– Completing the total leveling of the area in order to obtain slopes that enable the construction of large hall facilities

Dismantling the defective items in the area

In the municipality’s opinion, the contractor (the company Grave Tomasz Gwóźdź) and inappropriate investor supervision, which was carried out by Przedsiębiorstwo Usług Inwestycyjnych Sp. z oo from Rybnik. We are dealing with landmass displacement, but there is no doubt that an active landslide has occurred – Deputy Mayor Miroswave Wasstel told a councilor during one of the sessions.

However, construction company Tomasz Gwó takesdź has a completely different opinion. to me Tombit U The work was carried out correctly. The company categorically rejects the office’s accusations that it built something defective and that the elements of the area should be demolished.

According to the company, the cause of the failure was the municipality’s planning of actions in the landslide area. Business Grave It also indicated that it did not proceed to fix the defects because the subject matter of the contract was not defective.

On the initiative of the company Grave The case was taken to the District Court in Krakow. In return, the municipality transferred the case to the control of the Attorney General’s office and the CBA.

We have referred the case to the Attorney General’s Office and the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau due to improper investment performance. After selecting the company that will repair the defective retaining wall, we will apply to Tombet to recover the expenses incurred by the municipality.– The director of the mayor’s office, Agnieszka Gierszewska, informed us.