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Anna Mucha in a wedding dress.  Internet users suspect that he wants to tell them something

Anna Mucha in a wedding dress. Internet users suspect that he wants to tell them something

Anna Mucha More than a year ago, she broke up with her longtime partner Marcel Seurat, with whom she had two children Young: Stephanie’s daughter and Tudor’s son. A few months ago, the attentive paparazzi reported that the actress’s heart was occupied again. Anna Mucha’s new favorite is her classmate – Jacob Wons. Interested does not comment on her emotional plans, which only increases the interest of the media and Internet users. They are already doubting that the actress is going to marry. All because of the actress’s latest photo on Instagram.

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Anna Mucha responds once again to the fans’ attack

Anna Mucha in a wedding dress. Netizens suspected that he was planning to get married

Anna Mucha She willingly posts photos on Instagram, and she is very popular with her fans, who have over 860,000 there. In the latest photo, the actress appears in a wedding dress and announces the upcoming opening of cinemas and theaters.

Oh, it will be a beautiful day! And did you know that on May 29th it would be a normal evening ?! It will be possible to go to the restaurant, eat at the table and go to the theater! – I wrote on Instagram.

At the end of May, you can also organize small weddings, which suggests to some netizens that they are planning a wedding. Moreover, similar news appeared recently in “Dobre Tygodnia”. The magazine informant revealed that the couple want to formalize their relationship in the near future.

Do you think Anna Mucha will soon be on the wedding carpet?

Anna MuchaAnna Mucha celebrates her 41st birthday. How does he distract them? “Zanzibar must wait.”

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