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Apple’s contentious advertising division may soon get a fresh lease of life

Apple is apparently developing a new platform for selling advertisements as it seeks a new top manager for its ad-based division of the company.

Apple is “searching for a senior manager for a DSP in its advertisements platforms business,” according to a recent DigiDay article. Demand-side platforms, or DSPs, automate the process of placing advertisements. According to DigiDay, this is essential since it allows marketers to build up campaigns and manage them relatively easily. Therefore, they’re probably going to spend more.

It’s also a gain for Apple in terms of secrecy and privacy. According to the source, Apple will have complete control over how and where the data is utilised with its own DSP, limiting leaking of this very important data outside of its walled garden.

Although the purpose of the ad platform is unclear, it may be to deliver advertisements on the App Store or perhaps to position them around Apple TV+ content. In any case, Apple’s continued emphasis on advertisements will be criticised.

Apple and advertising: a convoluted tale

Apple has made it a business to provide its customers as much privacy as they can, and part of that is keeping certain firms out. Apple’s cross-app tracking protection mechanisms are allegedly costing one business, Meta, billions in missed advertising income. Apple’s efforts to develop its own advertising company will undoubtedly worry some people.

Apple is said to be adding additional advertisements to its App Store, enabling them to be shown, among other places, under the Today page.

According to Apple, the App Store’s search advertisements “provide possibilities for developers of all sizes to build their businesses.” However, many who are opposed to the plan contend that it mainly benefits bigger businesses with inadequate advertising resources.