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Bakugan anime will be played by Spin Master as a Roblox metaverse experience

Today, Spin Master revealed that Roblox would be getting a new metaverse experience. In the game, Bakugan Battle Planet’s anime will be accessible to view on-demand starting later this week.

For five months, the animation will be released. The first four to six episodes of the Bakugan Battle League experience may be seen on Roblox, with more episodes being released every week. This, says Spin Master, is the beginning of another another metaverse adventure.

“Last year, we added another level of Bakugan narrative, bringing together millions of fans with the first-ever Roblox premiere of a full-length episode,” said Laura Henderson, Spin Master’s EVP of marketing. To celebrate, we’re bringing Bakugan to Roblox’s vast audience and giving another real, first-of-its-kind immersive experience to its worldwide fans.

Additionally, Spin Master is hosting the Bakugan Combat League, which enables gamers to acquire and battle Bakugan. For Roblox, the Battle League is only one of many branded experiences in the metaverse.