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Balcerowicz calls for Orlen County.  Magdalena Ogórek's strong answer

Balcerowicz calls for Orlen County. Magdalena Ogórek’s strong answer

We’re not refueling in Obajtek, we’re not buying Obajtek Press, we’re not eating hot dogs – Leszek Balcerowicz wrote Friday evening. Magdalena Ugurik referred to his words.

Leszek appealed to Serovi on Twitter and participated in the entry of Andrei Rosenyck, a deputy for Lewica, who wrote that “for several days it was an important matter” a part of the Polish media was ruled by the fearsome duo Kania & Kurski.

TVP Info journalist Magdalena Ugurik referred to the words of the former economy minister. “21 years ago he liquidated the PGRs and brought poverty to thousands of Poles. Many people have not recovered from this nightmare,” we read in the entry for “In Opposition.”

“Many state-owned enterprises went bankrupt and the economy collapsed for many years.” – Name? – added Balcerowicz.