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Blueberry Picking in the Netherlands (M / F)

Blueberry Picking in the Netherlands (M / F)

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Blueberry picking in the Netherlands (M / K)
Place of work: Horst

We are looking for people to work on picking blueberries in a greenhouse. Your tasks include sorting and packing the harvested fruit.
Work takes place in a greenhouse in high temperature and humid environments. It runs Monday through Friday, with the opportunity to work on Saturdays.
Before departure, we will provide you with a comprehensive service – detailed information about the job, address and referral agreement with the number for the coordinator, thanks to which you will pass freely through Germany. During the isolation period, you do not pay for the apartment, you will receive it for its duration Bonus 100 Euro!

You will receive:– Salary 10.24 euro total / hour, will be transferred to your account weekly
– Holiday Allowance 8.33% of Gross Income – Calculated Basic – Isolation Period with Free Accommodation
– Access to the web site facilitates access to documents, such as contracts, invoices, Jaropkofu
– The care of a coordinator in the workplace
– Accommodation with free WiFi and health insurance in full compliance with SNF certification – Daily access to the workplace is guaranteed

Financial bonus for drivers
– Ask your AB Job Service branch for details

Contact us if you have:– You have a Type B valid driving license, thanks to which you can move freely from your residence to work

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