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Champions League.  Without Real, Barcelona and Juventus?

Champions League. Without Real, Barcelona and Juventus?

Are Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus Turin threatened with exclusion from the Champions League? These three big clubs have yet to withdraw from the Superliga project. UEFA may rule them out in the next season of the Champions League.

Alexander Ceferin, president of UEFA, was outraged not only at the Premier League project, but at the way 12 major European clubs wanted to implement it. Within 48 hours the idea failed for the Slovenian and UEFA to feel the winners. The movie “Dirty Dozen” has angered fans around the world. It has also been against the governments and authorities of the English, Spanish and Italian federations, as well as against the heads of the championships in these countries.

Nine clubs have withdrawn from the project. Three is still officially so. Real Madrid president Florentino Perez insists that club football is in danger of falling apart without the Premier League. He is supported by Andrea Agnelli, president of Juventus Turin, who has resigned from the European Club Association presidency due to the Superliga project. More than I single the wrath of Chevrin. The president of UEFA publicly described him as a liar.

The European Football Association (UEFA) issued a statement yesterday that 12 clubs have been sanctioned. The nine, who withdrew from the project, will donate 5% of the proceeds from European competitions to a fund that supports the development of youth football. Real, Barcelona and Juventus are threatening to be excluded from the 2021-2022 Champions League. Nobody wants this because it will be at everyone’s expense. However, Ceferin could not agree with the fact that clubs are still behind UEFA’s back.

The case will return again after the UEFA Champions League Final in Istanbul on May 26. FIFA President Gianni Infantino has calmed Ceferin, who believes Real, Barcelona and Juventus should reach an agreement with UEFA. It’s just for the head of the Royal League, the collapse of the Premier League was a painful image-related defeat. Perez is convinced that the public and politicians have misunderstood his intentions. How could he give up something that he so believed in? Openly admit a mistake? It won’t be easy.

Will business sense prevail again? After all, if Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus were excluded from the Champions League, nobody would benefit from them. European competitions without the big three (they beat LM 20 times together) would be less exciting and the value of TV rights would be depreciated. Meanwhile, the three Rebels will not start their own games. Real, Barcelona and Juventus will lose the most.