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Eurovision 2021: The performance of Raphael Brzuzovsky [WIDEO]

Eurovision 2021: The performance of Raphael Brzuzovsky [WIDEO]

The second semi-final match of Eurovision 2021 will be held in Rotterdam on Thursday, and the performances of the 17 participants in this competition have ended. Raphael Brzuzowski, the representative of Poland, presented himself very well.

“We are full of positive energy.” Brzozowski before his performance at Eurovision [WIDEO]

On Thursday, May 20, Raphael Brzuzovsky will present in the second semi-final round of Eurovision 2021.- We are full of positive energy. (…) What a long absence …

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In the second semifinals Eurovision 2021 Representatives from 17 countries present. From among them, the second final ten will be chosen.

The semi-finals are broadcast by TVP1.

Raphael Brzuzovsky – Eurovision Song

Brzuzovsky He performed the song “The Ride” in the Eurovision Semi-Final. The piece was written and composed by Swedish composers: Grammy Award nominee Joakim Övrenius, Thomas Karlsson, Clara Rubensson and Johan Mauritzson.

The artistic director of the music video and stage performance for “The Ride” is Mikołaj Dobrowolski, The choreography was by Agustin Egurrola, and the video was directed by Pascal Pawliszewszki.

When is the Eurovision 2021 deadline? Where are you watching?

The Eurovision 2021 Final will take place on Saturday, May 22nd. The competition starts at 9 pm.

The broadcast will be available on TVP1. Artist Struggles will also be available on Eurovision’s official YouTube channel.


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