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Geopolitical war in the Champions League finals.  “Sports piracy of all time” Becca Bla

Geopolitical war in the Champions League finals. “Sports piracy of all time” Becca Bla

The Abu Dhabi United Group, a private company owned by Sheikh Mansour, a member of the royal family, invested in Abu Dhabi City of Manchester 2008. Qatar Sports Investments Company, run by Nasser Al-Khulaifi, is pumping in millions of dollars Paris Saint-Germain Since 2011. The Arabs, who have focused on the success of their European teams, have had it, but so far only in the backyards. In the Champions League, it did not even reach the final, the Parisians had their first chance to win the cup only in the previous season, But they lost to Bayern. The stakes in Wednesday’s Paris Saint-Germain match against City will be high. But Wednesday’s semi-final match is not just a sports competition, it is also a geopolitical competition. Until a few months ago, it could have been treated as a war. Until January this year, there was a diplomatic crisis in the Persian Gulf. It ended in less than four years. Are fighting For the sake of mutual influence, control and malice, the world of sports was also not left out.

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Soccer player sandals

The crisis had several causes. Qatar has been accused of fueling conflicts in the Middle East and supporting terrorism. It was mainly about getting closer to Iran and trying to establish economic cooperation with it. The flashpoint was a cable that appeared on the website of the Qatar News Agency with the alleged speech of the Emir of that country, Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani. The Emir of Qatar and its owner at the same time Paris Saint-Germain At one of the military school celebrations, he said that Hamas represents all Palestinians, that he deserves to have good relations with Israel, and that hostility to Iran is wrong. The Qatari side quickly denied the content of the message, indicating that the Emir did not speak even at the ceremony. Hackers accused of receiving the advertisement. However, this did not stop the mechanism of events that resulted in Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Bahrain, Yemen, Egypt and the Maldives severing diplomatic relations with Qatar. Air communications with the country have been suspended, and Saudi Arabia has closed its only land border with a small, resource-rich country.

Sheikhs buy an English club.  Silly situation with pirates in the backgroundSheikhs buy an English club. Silly situation with pirates in the background

The Washington Post later reported that representatives of the UAE were responsible for the agency’s fake news. Over the past four years, nearly every opportunity has been used to ostracize and ostracize each other between the warring parties. The AFC Asian Cup 2019 was perfect for that, Qatar was exceptionally packed ahead of the event. In the group, he defeated Saudi Arabia first 2-0, and in the semi-final round he humiliated the Emirates 4-0. And that’s it The United Arab Emirates is the host countryAfter the match, the sandals set off towards Qatar from the stands. This is an expression of the utmost contempt.

The host nation’s fans booed the Qatar national anthem before the match. After the meeting, the Emirati authorities were looking for a way to reverse the outcome of the competition. They wanted to walk. The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) received a protest motivated by the unauthorized publication by Qatar of players. UAE authorities have found documents showing that two competing players (one from Sudan and the other from Iraq) have not lived in Qatar for five years and have played. the frame They shouldn’t. A skirmish against the rules began, but the AFC did not find any wrongdoing. Qatar’s first dash in history won the entire championship, defeating Japan in the final.

In Saudi Arabia and the UAE, the media did not report this success, and representatives of the national football federations in these two countries refused to attend the ceremony honoring the winners. After their return to Poland, the Qatari players were welcomed on the red carpet. They were welcomed by the thirsty prince of footballing success and owner of Paris Saint-Germain.

Sports piracy of all time

In other cases, the conflict has taken the form of a satirical media war, which has left a small country losing over a billion dollars. I started with a sport. Since the buyer for the rights of the most important sporting events in the Arab region was the Qatari interest in BeIn Sports, due to the commercial and financial blockade, fans in the disputed countries with Qatar lost the ability to purchase receivers for the platform and pay to access this service. It was the inability to watch the football World Cup, the most important European leagues and competitions. Formi 1 And many other popular sports there.

To compensate for the citizens’ losses and reduce their discontent, Saudi Arabia established its own satellite platform that intercepted the Qatari signal and distributed it like it. The platform was called beoutQ (Be out Qatar). Reaching it was cheaper, and with the following months, new pirate channels were added to the show. The original logos for Qatar stations were covered with new ones. This practice affected not only the katarians, but also the rights holders and sellers who lost their value due to theft.

The Saudi government has officially denied any assistance or involvement in piracy, but such a large and technically advanced operation cannot be a private initiative. Saudi Arabia also did not pursue the pirates in particular, despite the fact that international experts indicated that illegal transmissions took place from the Arabsat satellite, based in Riyadh, the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. No law firm in this country wanted to take the case to court. We wrote about sports piracy of all times two years ago.

Well-being sportSports piracy of all time, they’ve already stole everything possible. The losses are already one billion dollars

Doubt remains, but the World Cup will be less hostile

During the Qatar diplomatic crisis, perhaps fortunately there were no clashes between Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City. The last round-trip match between these teams took place in April 2016. City won (1: 0, 2: 2), and qualified for the semi-finals. Champions League. Now, in the era of pandemic, you will be playing the game without fans. English Arab and Qatari fans of Parisian football will see them in the privacy of their homes. Some might be on BeIn Sports, others at beoutQ, because the platform still works. Despite the return to normal relations between Qatar and many Arab countries, experts believe that the process of normalizing them will take longer, and the mutual lack of trust between the conflicting parties is still evident. Wednesday’s match of the Sheikhs definitely has an additional sub-script.

Al Wakrah Stadium is ready for games in 2022. Over the past decade, Qatar has built a massive infrastructure for the World Cup: apart from seven new stadiums, roads, airports, hotels, and even a new city is being built at an impressive pace, where the World Cup Final will be held.They want to grab the World Cup 2022 from Qatar! FIFA called for an investigation

– An expert who assessed L’Equipe without revealing his identity said: – The tension will be more during the national team matches than for the clubs supported by Arab countries. But Wednesday’s match is also an opportunity to test your strength, as it has an extra flavor. According to the expert, the end of the crisis will definitely make it easier for fans to experiment and share In the 2022 World Cup, which will be held in Qatar. The ban on the country’s air, sea and land borders has been lifted, and other obstacles have vanished. In the context of the World Cup, there is now more cause to worry about the development of the Coronavirus pandemic than internal Arab and political disputes.

Paris Saint-Germain-Manchester City match on Wednesday at 21:00. May 4 rematch in England.