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Health insurance premium will affect doctors?  "They say they don't want to work excessively on the Morawiecki tax"

Health insurance premium will affect doctors? “They say they don’t want to work excessively on the Morawiecki tax”

to me The proposal presented in “Polski Łąd” on Saturday, The law and Sprawiedliwo¶æ It intends to make a written contribution to health insurance, which will not be written off (as it has been until now). – This contribution will be transferred to the National Health Fund only in order to improve the quality of healthcare – said Prime Minister Matthews Murawiecki.

Economists contend that, in combination with other ideas proposed by the Law and Justice Party, mid-sized firms will stand to loseBecause they will be largely responsible for the burden of bearing the costs of the new Law and Justice Party plan. As Carolina said on the weekend morning TOK FM Kualaska The doctors themselves, who will “be the cornerstone of changes in health care,” will lose.

– We have very few doctors. They are forced to work beyond their power. They have withdrawal clauses, thanks to which they can work more than 40 hours a week. Now it happens that they work 300-400 hours a month, but all this is done at the expense of their health and private life. They also do so because they can earn more, and after announcing the increase in the tax-deductible health contribution, many said they wouldn’t be stressful anymore. “Rzeczpospolita” journalist explained that she will not work “for the Morawiecki tax” and this is a verbatim quote.

In this regard, she added, “It is not known who will conduct all these wonderful reviews announced by Law and Justice,” for example, the 40-year survey.

“Almost all doctors working in hospitals or clinics are self-employed,” the editor Kowalska noted. As she said Salary In a general hospital – for a specialist with several years of experience – the total amount is 6750 PLN. Therefore, most doctors find it more profitable to hire a contract. This is how anesthesiologists work, for example. They are said to have rates of 200 zlotys an hour. It is known that this makes them fall into the tax threshold for those with higher incomes, but these are the specialists who need it most and now I hear from them that they will not work more at the expense of their health, only after this contribution is paid – continued the journalist.

Increase health spending

During Saturday’s presentation by Polski Shad, Prime Minister Murawiecki and the President Yaroslav Kaczyñski also announced that spending on healthcare will be increased so that in 2023 it will reach 6%. PKBAnd in 2027 – 7%. gross domestic product.

The Kowalska Editor indicated that these are not any breakthrough changes, because the so-called £ ukasz Szumowski Act, i.e. the 2018 Health Benefits Act amendment, assumes that expenditures at the 6% level of health GDP will be in 2023.

– All this will bring us a little closer to the average spending on health in Europe, especially as it is likely to rise, so I am very skeptical about what the government has proposed – the journalist concluded.