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Iga from "Wedding At First Sight" doesn't believe what happened at the conclusion of the show.  "This crossed the line."

Iga from “Wedding At First Sight” doesn’t believe what happened at the conclusion of the show. “This crossed the line.”

It looks like Iga from “Wedding at First Sight” has already seen the final episode a program. On her Instagram account, she admitted that she did not expect to appear in such a light. He announces his version of events.

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Iga from the movie “Wedding at First Sight” is indignant after the final match

Last edition “Wedding at first sight“It will end soon. The last and final episode of the show will be broadcast on TV next week, but the curious audience can already watch it on Player, as it premieres on Friday. Apparently, one of the participants in the wedding experience, Iga has already gotten to know it.” She reported her findings on Instagram.

I was shocked after the last episode. The program taught me to be cool about the situation. What was said is an exaggeration and misses the truth. It is also a strong border crossing.

Iga Insta Story from Iga Insta Story from “The Wedding at First Sight” [email protected]_smiechowicz

She said only Instagram has the opportunity to tell the truth because what was shown on TV is missing her.

Unfortunately, Instagram is the only place I can speak up and stand up for my defense after the bad concert I heard. The stick has two ends. And the program showed you only one – I wrote on Instagram.

Iga iecmiechowicz, Karol MacieszViewers analyze Iga and Carole’s account of “The Wedding …”: I feel sorry for her

We called Iga because we were curious to find out what was behind her truth. We are waiting for your comment on this matter.

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