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Kaczyński: We'll increase spending on health to 7% of GDP in 2027

Kaczyński: We’ll increase spending on health to 7% of GDP in 2027

We want to increase spending on healthcare to reach 6% in 2023. GDP, in 2027 it will reach 7%. GDP – announced on Saturday during the conference at which the Polish deal was presented, Deputy Prime Minister, Chairman of the Law and Justice Party, Jaroslaw Kaczynski.

Jaroslaw Kaczynski, who introduced the Polish system, noted that the Law and Justice Party government has increased spending on health care in recent years. He added that expenses have increased very quickly during the pandemic. “But this is still not enough. We want more. We want to reach 6% of GDP in 2023 – it will definitely be more than 150 PLN, or maybe more than 160 billion PLN” – declared the leader of the Law and Justice Party.

He added that in 2027 the government wants to reach 7 percent. GDP (for health services). “It would be certain – if everything went according to plan – about 200 billion Polish zlotys, which is a huge sum,” the Deputy Prime Minister stressed.

He stressed that the funds will be used, among other things, by to increase employment opportunities in the healthcare field. “First of all, we should have more doctors than today. We have to educate them, and we have to bring them from outside. This also applies to nurses, and possibly other healthcare workers as well,” Kaczyński said.

“We also need to carry out significant investment and reform processes and we have the tools to do that, such as the Hospital Modernization Fund, the Medical Fund and the Hospital Development Agency. These will be the new institutions that have to be modernized and research and focus on, especially in oncology, which is also – I am talking about the latter institution – to organize Things are in hospitals, because things do not always go well there, “- confirmed the Deputy Prime Minister.

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