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Katarzina Dobour paid tribute to her daughter.  Maria is 22 years old

Katarzina Dobour paid tribute to her daughter. Maria is 22 years old

Katarzyna Dobor It is a very liked presenter by viewers. First, she worked at TVP, and now she runs a program at Polsat ‘Our new home’It helps poor Polish families repair their homes.

In private – she is a proud mom and a happy grandmother. Her son Maciej Dobour Famous broadcaster and actress husband Joanna Koronioska. The couple had two daughters: Janina, who will turn 12 in August, and 2-year-old Helenka.

Katarzina Dobour paid tribute to her daughter

Katarzyna Dowbor posted a photo of her daughter on Instagram, and revealed in a short post that Mariah is celebrating her 22nd birthday.

Maria’s father is Jerzy Pachinsky, the editor of “Polityka”. In an interview with FIFA, she said about her famous parents: “My father showed me that you cannot sleep all of your life, that you have to be in motion and developing all the time. Thanks to my mother, I notice how many things I can do. Incredibly active, He repeats that if you only have an idea, then you should believe in it and act on it. They both instilled in me this awareness and sensitivity towards others and all living things. ”

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Maria, who had been in contact with the media since childhood, did not follow in her parents’ footsteps. In 2019, she started her studies in the United Kingdom at Durham University in the Departments of Psychology and Philosophy. Katarzyna Dobor is proud of her daughter. As she explained in an interview: “We are from completely different stories. We have different personalities and temperaments. I am very emotional. And Maricia, like her father, is very balanced and well organized. He always advises me: “Take it easy, think first, then fuss.” Obsession works like a balm for me. ”

There was a lot of positive comments under the instagram post. Fans of Katarzina Dobor congratulated her beautiful daughter. They wrote:

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