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Sobotnim Gościem Krzysztofa Ziemca w RMF FM będzie były premier, były szef NBP, a obecnie europoseł Marek Belka. W sobotę rząd zaprezentuje szczegóły Nowego Ładu. Ekonomistę zapytamy zatem, co ten program oznacza dla obywateli? Jakie ulgi powinny się pojawić i czy czeka nas wzrost podatków?

Marek Belka as a guest star of Krzysztof Zemek on RMF FM

Saturday’s guest from Krzysztof Ziemiec at RMF FM will be the former Prime Minister, the former President of the Polish National Bank, and the current MEP MARK Belka. On Saturday, the government will provide details of the new deal. So we ask the economist, what does this program mean for citizens? What cuts should we see and should we expect an increase in taxes?

The former head of the National Bank of Poland will also answer our questions about rising inflation. According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, prices of consumer goods and services rose in April by 4.3 percent. We will ask Professor Belka to explain the reasons for this significant increase and estimate when we expect inflation to slow or decline.

The former prime minister will not avoid issues related to the current policy. There will be questions about the NIK report and its possible consequences. As a member of the European Parliament, we require Marek Belka for COVID-19 passports.

We invite you to listen and watch Krzysztof Ziemiec’s interview at RMF FM and on the Saturday after 8:30!


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