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Megan and Harry have shared the latest photo of their son.  Archie grew up well!

Megan and Harry have shared the latest photo of their son. Archie grew up well!

Archie is just two years old! On this occasion, his parents decided to join the noble campaign to promote vaccination, especially among residents of developing countries. Megan (39) and Harry (36) posted their latest photo of their son and made her have an important appeal. The words move, but the couple’s fans point to something else … don’t believe how Archie grew up!

On May 6, Harry and Meghan’s son celebrated their second birthday. On this occasion, the best wishes came from all over the world. The royal family also sped up with a kind word.

In the official files on social media, a brief entry appeared with a picture of little Archie in his parents’ arms. The photo was taken shortly after the boy was born.

Sure, Megan and Harry were less wasted on words. They posted on the website of their charity the most recent photo of their son and made an important plea. The portal is about vaccinations.

Later in the appeal, the Sussex family expressed their hope that the world would be on the right track to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. They indicated that there are places particularly affected by the Coronavirus, and that most vaccine doses have made their way to wealthier countries. Moreover, in many developing countries, vaccine distribution has not even started.

They asked to participate in the campaign to “provide vaccinations to families in the most vulnerable places in the world” if possible.

Megan and Harry have already taken steps to help the poor and are urging everyone to move forward. They are asking for a donation of at least $ 5 for this.