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Moby appeals to fans from Poland: "Believe in science and stand up for democracy" [WYWIAD]

Moby appeals to fans from Poland: “Believe in science and stand up for democracy” [WYWIAD]

He performed a DJ, played in punk rock bands, revolutionized the electronic scene, and is now returning with a surprising album recorded with a symphony orchestra and an extraordinary documentary on his life. In an interview with, Moby talks about how his new musician baby was creating and explains his controversial words about vegetarians and the epidemic. The artist also conveyed an important message to his Polish listeners.

Moby He is a character who does not need to be introduced to anyone who, in the past 25 years, has been little interested in what has been happening on the global music scene. Pioneer, Icon, and Dreamer are terms that music critics and admirers use for a reason. He has nearly twenty albums to his credit, including the most recent one, recorded with the participation of the Budapest Art Orchestra. The highly anticipated album “Repress” will be released on May 28 by the world’s oldest record label – it was founded in 1898 by turntable inventor Emil Berliner and his brother Joseph. Interestingly, in an interview with, the artist sincerely admitted that he could not believe that he was in such a place in his career.

Deutsche Grammophon asked me if I wanted to record a CD with an orchestra. I thought it was a great idea. Even though I was very successful, I still thought of myself as a punk rock kid playing gigs for ten. I never expected to have the opportunity to make an orchestra album with a label like the Deutsche Grammophon, which, as you know, is the oldest and most respected in the world. It’s even funny to me that from a 14-year-old who was playing in a rock punk band from New York, I became someone who records an orchestra and works with all these amazing singers and musicians. Moby admitted.

Moby on his new album, Vegetarian and Democracy

In an interview with, he not only told Moby about the process of creating his last album and the documentary about his life, released the same day, titled “MOBY DOC”, but he also touched on other topics, especially close to him. Also in the context of our country.

May everyone be safe and believe in science. On a larger scale, because we know that there are many forces that destroy and attack democracy, it is very important for everyone to protect democracy. We have seen this in many countries, sources attacking democracy. It is up to us to fight them – He confirmed.

In the conversation with Moby, there was also a discussion about animals. It is no secret that the star has been a strong activist for many years who works to improve their destiny and pays tribute to the benefits of switching to a vegetarian diet. For his final words about the fact that there will be no epidemics in an entirely vegetarian world, he took a hit on the web.

Does he stick to his opinion on this controversial topic? Working with which star has sparked the most excitement in him? What kind of audio recording did he get from Led Zeppelin? You will get to know the answers to these and other questions by watching the video call with Moby in this article.