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Monica Richardson's son tattooed down his back.  Tomic Malcolm presented the report on the Internet

Monica Richardson’s son tattooed down his back. Tomic Malcolm presented the report on the Internet

It seems that Monica Richardson’s 49-year-old son (formerly Zamachowska, ex-Petkiwitz) decided to follow in his mother’s footsteps and share intimate moments from his life with netizens. On Instagram, he showed a comprehensive photo report on creating a new tattoo, placing it on the boundaries of where the back loses its noble name … Good idea?

Tom Malcolm, the son of Monica Richardson and Jamie Malcolm, has apparently been keen on fame and show business for quite some time. He actually bragged about his model debut, talked about breaking up with his girlfriend, mentioned depression and alcohol abuse … now he’s decided to take the next step and show how he gets a tattoo.

He posted a photo report on his Instagram from a visit to a tattoo salon, where he decided to put an inscription on his body, specifically on the lower back. Chose the phrase “music is my soul”, meaning “music is my soul”. Aside from his passion for modeling and flying, he is also dreaming of a music career.

Monica Richardson’s son has many plans for the future. Although he’s only 20 years old, he’s graduating this year, he’s already planning to work as a musician, model, and pilot – the last in the footsteps of his father, British pilot Jimmy Malcolm. He has already made his debut in the role of an actor – in the series “Szkoła”.

He also boasted that he was not afraid of the baccalaureate, because he had many ideas:

Interestingly, the tattoos he boasted of aren’t his first “tears”. Before that, he tattooed his skull:

Are you expecting a brilliant career in show business? Or is it just a temporary stage?