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Netherlands.  Amsterdam shooting.  Seven people were arrested by police

Netherlands. Amsterdam shooting. Seven people were arrested by police

The shooting took place in the northern part of Amsterdam. A part of the city was blocked and police pursued the criminals as far as Brook City. Again there was gunfire. According to services, one of the perpetrators of the “robbery in carrying valuables” was killed and two others were injured. A total of seven people were arrested. The Dutch media have reported that the value of the robbery targeted by the robbers is estimated at tens of thousands of euros. “Our sources say there are 50 million euros in gold and diamonds,” the Daily Telegraph wrote on its website.

At around 2pm, RDL reported that police had been notified of the shooting on Meevenlan Street, north of Amsterdam.

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Warsaw police said on Twitter that it all started as “armed robbery in the transportation of valuables”. According to the Daily Telegraph, a shooting took place there. He added that the culprits then started fleeing in at least two vehicles. As the daily writes, “there was a wild pursuit”, in which all three police helicopters were involved.

The “Telegraph” wrote on its website that it had “never seen an operation involving so many policemen.”

“Many roads in the Mevenlan area are currently blocked, so please do not come to this part of the city, so as not to disturb the work of individuals,” he appealed to the capital police on Twitter.

Action by police officers on the field in BrookPAP / EPA / LAURENS BOSCH

One of the culprits was killed

According to the media, the chase continued into the city of Brooke in Waterland County, 11 kilometers from Amsterdam. There the criminals began to cross the lawn and leave. A shooting took place. Services said – this is where one of the culprits died and two were injured. Seven people were arrested. According to The Telegraph, it is not yet clear whether the suspect was killed by a police officer.

The newspaper also reported that officers were shot with automatic weapons. The police patrol car was badly damaged. On social media, there are “de Telegraph” notes, photos of armed officers running through the city. Posts posted on the internet also show how a car with fleeing criminals runs through a fence into someone’s backyard, after which the suspects leave it and run away.

Police reinforcements were called to Brook. Three police helicopters flew over the city – emergency services were also on the scene. According to police, the two robbers were hidden in a trash can, but were found and arrested by a police dog. Eventually, seven people were imprisoned. According to media reports, the perpetrators were contacted in French.

Police at the scene in BrookPAP / EPA / LAURENS BOSCH

When asked about their nationality, a police spokesman replied that it would be too soon to talk about it at this point. “The case is developmental,” he explained. The “Telegraph” reports that the value of the target looted from the robbers is estimated at tens of thousands of euros. “Our resources are worth 50 million euros in gold and diamonds,” he wrote on the daily website.

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Key Photo Source: PAP / EPA / LAURENS BOSCH