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New order: The government has shown the details.  What for health?

New order: The government has shown the details. What for health?

6 percent GDP for health early 2023, 7 percent – in 2027, a new three-stage first aid system, Hospital Modernization Fund, Medical Fund and Hospital Development Agency, as tools for healthcare reform, treatment coordination in oncology and cardiology, as well as increased digitization of the sector – including details of the new “Polish deal” presented on Saturday (15 May) at the Law Program conference And justice.

The “Polish Deal” is the Law and Justice Party’s new social and economic program for the post-Soviet period. Deputy Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski began his speech by announcing changes in the healthcare sector. He emphasized that the Poles put the issue of health care first in every study.

More money for health care

There is not always enough money for healthcare. We increased the expenses a lot. Expenses have also increased very quickly during the Coronavirus crisis, but they are still insufficient, and we want more – said J. As announced, the government wants to reach the 6 percent level. GDP already in 2023 – it will definitely be 150, maybe even more than 160 billion zlotys. We want to achieve 7 percent in 2027. It will definitely be around 200 billion PLN, if all goes according to plan. Huge sum – listed. He also indicated the need to increase the number of doctors. We have to educate them, we have to attract them from the outside (…). He added that this also applies to nurses and possibly other health professionals.

Organization to reform

According to J. Kaczyński, “We must also carry out major investment and repair operations.” As he said, the repair tools are the Hospital Modernization Fund, the Medical Fund, and the Hospital Development Agency. These will be new institutions that will modernize and conduct research with a special focus on oncology. He explained that the agency is supposed to organize things in hospitals, because things do not always go well there, and to restructure if necessary. He also announced a “compensation fund for those who have fallen victim to all kinds of bad medical practices” because it is “a really big problem today.”

Three levels of first aid

J. Kaczyński also announced that “there will be a 24-hour on-call duty in each district, which will provide first aid.” There will be a reorganization of the health service to operate in emergencies on three levels. First, teleportation, then the direct intervention of the doctor or a visit to the doctor, and then – if there is a need or we immediately deal with a very difficult situation – an ambulance and the appropriate department in the hospital – an explanation.

Treatment coordination and more computing

The Deputy Prime Minister indicated the need to create a coordination mechanism in treating the most dangerous diseases. Here he gave an example of a network of tumors that – he said – in relation to the pilot, was really getting started with a good result. He stated that a similar cardiac network is also being created.

Improvements in the system will also happen through its additional computing, which – as J. It will allow the operation of the Patient Service Center. – Whoever wants to submit his medical data there, of course, without any coercion. However, everyone will be able to use the Internet or the hotline to register for a doctor to check his health. SMS reminders will be sent to visit. The whole mechanism has to be greatly improved, he assured the Deputy Prime Minister.

Shorter queues and quality

In turn, Prime Minister Matthews Murawiecki announced that he will rely on new sources of funding from the National Health Fund in order to improve the quality of health care. He also talked about lifting restrictions on professionals in order to shorten queues, which will be one of the main goals of this government. He also announced the implementation of the quality measurement system in health care.

We want the most motivated healthcare workers to serve all Poles, because the patient and their relatives are the most important – he said. – Third, we have high hopes for more electronic transformation – he said. It will also be a quality measurement system for the healthcare sector, he added.

New sources of funding from the National Health Fund

He emphasized that new funding sources are also needed, “from the new installment that will be received, a written allowance, without the possibility of tax deduction, which will be transferred to the National Health Fund only to improve the quality of health care.”

– We will follow such a policy that serves us the best doctors, nurses and nurses as well as nurses, stretchers, paramedics, diagnostics, laboratory technicians and all health service workers, with their experience and heart, as far as we know, all Poles – said M. Morawiecki.

As confirmed by the government, it has already brought in healthy growth in five years. He added that “unprecedented growth also, in proportion to the gross domestic product, to 5.3 this year.”

Our primary duty is to increase spending on health, on the health of Poles, to a level of 7% within six years. The Prime Minister indicated that the gross domestic product of Poland, and in the next two years will reach the level of 6%, that is, before the specified date, before that which we assumed.

The government wants to finance in this way, among other things, the Hospital Modernization Fund, highly specialized clinics, and district hospitals.