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Nowy Polski Ład. Jakie zmiany dla firm?

New Polish deal. What changes for companies?

The Polish System is a new program in law and justice law that introduces a number of policy changes related to pro-family and climate, digitalization, education, agriculture, pensions and support for the elderly. The ruling party has also dealt with changes that will affect entrepreneurs.

Polish request to The list of many changes In 10 she was chosen by the ruling sectors. You will find it on the website All news in one place.

Among the statements of Prime Minister Matthews Morawiecki in particular Anxious businessmen. It turns out, according to experts Exemption from health insurance It may lead to higher fees later on.

Polish request. What changes for companies

The Polish system includes the following chapters: health plan, fair work – decent pay, development decade, family and home in the middle of life, Poland – our land, school and culture friendly for the new century, good corporate climate, clean energy – clean air, CyberPoland 2025, Golden Autumn of Life .

According to the government, the document would be “a big step in the development of Poland”. It is used as a guideline Future investments for the country.

Small business changes

  • Lower taxes for small businesses: Thanks to the reform that introduced a higher share of tax-free taxes, the burden on 500,000 people will also be eased. Companies whose income reaches 6000 PLN per month. As a result, the smallest companies will receive 2,000 PLN per year.
  • Discount on prototypes
  • Enable creation The foundations of the family, Similar to their foreign counterparts. They are to ensure the succession of multi-generational business and domestic capital accumulation. They will also foster new investments and professionalism. In addition, they will allow the material needs of the founders’ family members to be secured, and even support for public benefit organizations. The new regulations will make it possible to establish family enterprises that meet individual needs in both the commercial and private spheres, and to separate economic matters from family matters.
  • A lump sum of 2 million EurosAt the beginning of 2021, changes went into effect that increase the threshold for revenue that is entitled to a lump sum payment. So far, this limit has been 250k. euro. The changes covered a wider range of liberal professions, including lawyers, doctors, accountants, engineers, and translators.
  • Consolidation ReliefFirms need an impulse to implement mergers quickly and increase their competitive advantage. This effect should be achieved through the CIT tax credit.
  • Lump sum for foreign revenue: A solution targeting non-residents and applicable to foreign income. If a non-resident decides to transfer his tax residency to Poland, he will pay a fixed lump sum on foreign income.
  • Capital Return Program For Poles who have property or hidden income abroad. As part of the program, you will be able to return your property and income without fear of initiating tax evasion proceedings.

Changes for mid-sized companies

  • Rest on Automation I Robots Produce
  • Tax support Foreign expansion
  • Tax credit forUnderwritingWhich is expected to reduce the costs of entering the stock exchange
  • Relief one at a time IP-BOX IB + R: Integrated support for the innovation process should translate into the possibility of concurrent use of tax preferences in the later stages of the process.
  • Estonian CIT For more companies: delay imposing taxes on company profits until they are paid. The reform took effect in 2021 and will be evaluated in terms of its expansion. As a result, only in 2021, 5.6 billion PLN will remain in corporate portfolios.
  • Easy access to finance The investment capital: Removing existing tax barriers and implementing solutions that work in this area, for example in France and Great Britain.

Changes to major corporations

  • Interpretations 590That is, tax certainty in the early years of an investment as a response to the needs of potential investors who need a binding document to administer taxes.
  • Investor Tax Service Center. A special office responsible for liaising with strategic investors will be established in the Ministry of Finance.
  • Simplification in transfer pricing settlement for property investing in Poland.
  • the support Hire innovative employees. The solution refers to the architecture used in Italy, where the costs of working scientists are tax-deductible.
  • VAT groups: Adjustments within the capital groups will not be subject to VAT, which for them means financial savings and lower service costs, while at the same time simplifying the analytical activity of KAS.
  • Tax option Value-added tax for financial institutions As an incentive for investment in Poland by the financial sector.
  • Work on programs Employee contribution. Objectives? The Law and Justice Party wants the impact on the macro scale to be the creation of a mechanism conducive to building a strong middle class and avoiding or limiting the allocation of national wealth in the hands of the oligarchy only. On the one hand, at the micro level – increasing investment opportunities and expanding sources of access to capital for the development of companies, improving the economic results of companies as a result of increased loyalty and motivation to work for their participating owners, as well as as a guarantee for companies against hostile takeover or liquidation of the workplace.
  • Zoom in – breadth Subcontractor protection. Create an escrow account in which the investor deposits funds to secure payments to subcontractors.
  • Amending the Commercial Companies Law. Create a project that gives supervisory boards the tools necessary to perform their functions effectively.
  • effective Recover property from criminals. – Taking into account the possibility of confiscating property used in crimes related to others