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Parcel lockers.  Avalanche is approaching automatic parcel collecting machines - Gazeta Wyborcza

Parcel lockers. Avalanche is approaching automatic parcel collecting machines – Gazeta Wyborcza

There will be thousands of them in the fall. Over the next few years, there will be as many as 50,000 of them on our streets. You can put it where you want it and where you want it – Gazeta Wyborcza Friday writes about parcel pickers.

The newspaper notes that InPost has more than 11,000 in the country. Parcel lockers, of which more than two thousand. In rural communities. About 220 machines – as we read – have the Danish company SwipBox in Poland. As shown, these are indoor machines. It is mainly located in Pedronka and Carrefour stores.

“They are used by Poczta Polska (a small part of their own), and most of them are maintained by DHL and DPD. The individual devices are also installed in Warsaw by AliExpress. They are small blue devices with the colors and logo of the Chinese Cainiao, the arm of the plot of the giant” – enumerates GW adds that this is the situation today, “just before the next revolution.”

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An apparent breakdown of parcel machinery

In an instant – as the newspaper writes – the country will be flooded with a veritable flood of parcel machines, oops, parcel pickers. The article confirms that only InPost has the right to use the “Paczkomat” trademark.

“Autumn will be hot. This country hasn’t seen many new parcel machines yet. At the end of this year, InPost announced that it will have 15,000; the company publishes an average of 100 centrifuges a week” – reads “gigawatts”.

Justina Siwik, a spokeswoman for Poczta Polska, was quoted by the newspaper as saying, “This year we will provide 500 outdoor vending machines to collect and send parcels. Vending machines will be installed in the fourth quarter of this year in large cities.”

In turn, Orlen – as we have read – will have parcel machines in 500 locations by the end of this year – the first 100 locations will be in September. Allegro will put 1.5 thousand this year. Machines – refer to “Gazeta Wyborcza”.

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