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Poland on the US block list.  This is a foregone conclusion

Poland on the US block list. This is a foregone conclusion

The U.S. State Department has added 97 countries to COWIT-19’s “highest” risk, advising Americans not to travel to 131 countries worldwide, including Poland, Germany, France and Canada. Previously, there were only 34 items on the list.

Poland "High risk country" For Americans

Poland is a “high-risk country” for AmericansSource: Getty Images


At the fourth level, there are 131 countries, including Poland, Germany, France, Canada, Italy, Turkey, Sweden and Spain, marked with a “do not travel” warning.

Some countries – & nbsp, China and & nbsp Japan – & nbsp, are in the third tier. At this level, US diplomacy recommends careful consideration of the trip.


Foreign Ministry advises against going to Poland

Most Americans and nbsptak are not allowed to travel to the EU during epidemics due to restrictions by the Washington government. Flights to the United States from most European countries, including China, Brazil, Iran and the & nbspRPA, have been banned without special permission.

Entry to the United States for the Poles

From January 26, 2021, foreigners residing in the following countries within 14 days of arrival in the United States: Brazil, China, Iran, South Africa, countries in the Schengen area (including Poland), the United Kingdom and Ireland, will not be granted the right to enter US territory even if they have met the formal conditions. This limit is valid until further notice.

There are several exceptions to this rule in the U.S. To the citizen’s family members, permanent residents and their family members.

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