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Przemislav Kosakowski.  Aesthetic medicine treatments

Przemislav Kosakowski. Aesthetic medicine treatments

Przymek Kusakovsky is one of the most well-known and respected journalists. He is fond of honesty and the fact that he is not afraid of “difficult” topics. He recently included a photo of his face after a series of aesthetic medicine treatments.

– He started an entry on his Instagram profile, adding that the procedure also included filling in hyaluronic acid, including lip augmentation with this method.

Przemek Kosakowski underwent aesthetic medicine treatments

The next step was to correct the shape of the face and its oval shape with a thread.

– Recipe.

The text continues below the video:

The next treatment was called a vampire facelift, which Przmik Kusakovsky described with colorful words:

– I acknowledge.

The rest of the entries are equally powerful:

The journalist admitted that despite the positive reviews, he was – at least initially – not feeling well:

Kusakovsky Books.

“Looks like a monster”

In the comments under this post, he was boiling.

“Among men, the topic remains a taboo, applause for courage” – some wrote.

Others criticize him: “He is like a monster, I thought he was a normal man, not a puppet.” There are accusations of excessive fashion pursuit, vanity, and lack of self-acceptance.

Whereas, what the journalist presented are the results of an experiment conducted a few years ago of the “inception” program.

In it, Kossakowski tried to understand what people feel in different life situations – for example, elderly people who go to the sanatorium or women expecting to give birth. The journalist tried to feel all these situations on his own. You see in a very convincing way!

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