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PS5 with Returnal and DiRT 5. Interesting multiplayer group

PS5 with Returnal and DiRT 5. Interesting multiplayer group

The PS5 is back on sale – this time players can access a special package including Returnal. The latest Sony-commissioned game has been added to the overall collection.

The new generation of Sony is very popular, thanks to which almost all displays in electronics stores sell out within a dozen minutes or so. The Japanese are ensuring that they are constantly working to increase the number of consoles produced, although they officially acknowledge that gamers will continue to have problems accessing equipment in the coming months.

Media Expert’s latest offering is priced at PLN 3199 and In the package, in addition to the console, customers get an annual PS Plus subscription and two items – Returnal and DiRT 5. Despite the very good reception of Housemarque Production from players’ side, some console players have asked developers to add a save function. The Finnish studio is looking at the issue, however Still no binding decision was taken The community is encouraged to take on challenges that cause so much frustration to many audiences.

Referring to the theme of the games that debuted on the PS5, it should be noted that it is according to the assertions of Hermen Hulst SIE Worldwide Studios teams operate over 25 titles, a Sony’s external partners are also preparing more attractions.

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