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Rekrutacja na Politechnikę Białostocką ruszy 1 czerwca [HARMONOGRAM]

Recruitment at Bialystok University of Technology will begin on June 1 [HARMONOGRAM]

Recruitment at Bialystok University of Technology will begin on June 1. Future students will be able to choose from 28 first-cycle study programs.

Recruitment at Bialystok University of Technology will begin on June 1 [HARMONOGRAM]

picture: Pawe Tadejko / PB

Employment schedule

The region’s largest technical university has announced a recruitment schedule for first- and second-degree studies, both full-time and part-time. Online Candidate Registration (IRK) will begin June 1 and run through July 6.

Candidates for first-degree studies in the following fields of study will have less time to complete documents: architecture, interior design and graphics. They must register and pay the recruitment fee by June 30th. They will also have to take drawing tests. The university has planned for them from 6 to 8 July, respectively, for the candidates in the following fields: architecture, interior design, and graphics.

Until July 9, all applicants for Phase I studies will have time to enter their registration results into the IRK system. Candidates for the studies will learn about the results of employment on July 13th. Later, they will have to confirm their desire to study and complete the required documents.

The final lists of candidates accepted for studies will be announced by Bialystok University of Technology on July 29.

Second stage studies

In the case of candidates for one of the twenty fields of second-cycle studies at the Biaystok University of Technology, employment also begins on June 1. Final lists of candidates admitted to studies will be announced by BUT on July 29.

Recruitment fees for studies are:
– PLN 150 – Candidates who sit an entrance examination in the drawing,
– 85 zlotys – other candidates.

The recruitment fee is paid according to the recruitment schedule to the individual account number available in the online candidate registration system. It should be visible on the candidate’s IRK account on the day the candidate registration is completed at the latest. If the recruitment fee is paid after the deadline, the candidate will not be included in the recruitment procedure.

The candidate pays a recruitment fee for each field of study in which he applies for admission.

Registration for the part-time first and second rounds will begin on August 10, and the final list of accepted candidates will be announced on September 29.

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