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"Reem".  Find out if you'd be a good detective to track down a serial killer?

“Reem”. Find out if you’d be a good detective to track down a serial killer?

  • Season 2 of the “Szadź” series will begin on May 11 on
  • The plot centers on the investigation by Commissioner Agnieszka Polkowska (Aleksandra Popławska) – it concerns young women who have been ritually murdered. The culprit is known to the viewer from the start – he’s a very clever and cunning religion professor, Piotr Wolnicki (Maciej Stuhr)
  • The remaining roles include, among others, Anna Sellak, Bartosh Gellner, Miroswave Zbrujevic, Emma Jigno, Mikay Kalita and Anna Ilchuk.
  • Regarding the premiere of the second season of the series, we invite you to take part in a special personal test that answers a simple question: “Would you be a detective tracking down a serial killer?”

“Szad” is a mixture of a thrilling story and a detective story, full of action, suspense and unexpected twists. Last year, viewers of and then TVN could watch the first seven teasers. Starting May 11 on, they will be able to see seven more. Aleksandra Popławska played the main role of Commissioner Agnieszka Polkowska. The film’s heroine encounters a psychopathic and extremely clever serial killer, Professor Piotr Volnicky, a well-known religious scholar, and apparently idealistic husband and father – played by Maciej Store. It is similar in the second season.

What defines “Szad” is the fact that we know the identity of the killer from the very first episode – the most exciting thing is to watch the wonderful and character game that the psychopath plays with Polkowska.

Season 2 begins with the trial of a killer awaiting judgment in custody but not pleading guilty. Will he be able to avoid punishment? Viewers will discover dramatic events from his past and meet a new woman who shares a unique and mysterious bond with Wolnicki from his youth.

We invite you to take part in a special personality test that answers a simple question: “Can I catch a serial killer?” Since this is fun in the first place, please don’t take the final answer as binding.

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Aleksadra Poplowska and Masig Store in promotional materials for the series “Szadź”