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Luzowanie obostrzeń. Zmiany w harmonogramie odmrażania gospodarki

Relaxation of restrictions. Changes in the economy unfreeze schedule

Health Minister Adam Niedzelski announced that there will be no major changes to the frostbite schedule, but we can expect cosmetic moves.

A complete lockout It caused heavy losses in many sectors of the Polish economy. As part of the support, business people can use Anti-crisis shieldBut in many cases Government assistance was not enough To keep working in times of crisis.

Entrepreneurs are waiting anxiously Frost bites in the economy. In May 2021, the government published a schedule of changes. After the official conference, there were even leaks that would follow Accelerating the easing of restrictions and postponing certain conditions.

Relaxation of restrictions. Cosmetic changes in liberalizing the economy

On Wednesday (May 12, 2021), the Minister of Health indicated to Radio Plus that the restrictions could be lifted faster.

Of course, these will not be moves that would significantly alter the timeline we currently apply. You have to expect cosmetic moves rather than decisive acceleration

Adam Niedzelski, Minister of Health

The minister revealed it The issue of speeding up deadlines for the unfreezing of the economy is being analyzed It will be discussed at the Government Crisis Management Team meeting.

Locked forever?

Frostbite for the economy depends mainly on From the decline in infections and the progress of the national immunization program. Experts estimate that herd immunity will be achieved after 60-70 percent of the population is vaccinated.

There is a risk that this threshold will not be met: According to the survey, a third of citizens do not intend to be vaccinated against COVID-19, Thus the rest of the community was sentenced to further closure.