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Russian oil to Poland via Azerbaijan

Russian oil to Poland via Azerbaijan

Russia will sell its oil to countries with which it has bad relations, via Azerbaijan. The list includes, among other things, Poland.

The Azerbaijani State Oil Company (SOCAR) has signed an agreement on the right to export oil products from the Russian state-owned Rosneft to Poland, the Baltic states, Ukraine and “to other Eastern European countries,” said the Azerbaijani company spokesman Ibrahim Akhmadov. He told RIA Novosti.

According to the spokesman, agreement is being made on the scope and schedule of the planned operations. The parties do not provide further details on this agreement. So it is not known how much the Russian raw material offered by the Azerbaijanis will be? Will it be mixed with Azerbaijani crude oil so as not to tell customers that they are actually buying oil from Rosneft?

The Rosneft refinery in Tuapse, Russia / Bloomberg

All included Because countries are moving away from Russian oil – high in sulphates – in favor of better quality and lighter types, for example from the Arabian Peninsula.. Ukraine – which was previously one of the main directions of Russian oil sales, has officially abandoned it in order not to buy the aggressor from the country.

Poland is further diversifying its oil supply, and the Baltic republics are focusing more and more on green energy, and are rapidly moving away from minerals.. The Czech Republic, which has been recognized by Russia as an enemy, is also reducing purchases of raw materials in Russia.

in this situation The agreement with Azerbaijan may turn out to be a prelude to the example, concluded by Russian companies with countries – exporters from the Kremlin satellite circuit – such as Kazakhstan..

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