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Students are back to full-time learning!

Students are back to full-time learning!

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Tomorrow, after more than six months of rest, the students return to school. In most institutions, learning will be blended, according to the schedule prepared by the school administration.

We are, however, excited that we will finally be able to meet and learn together at school, not just remotely, in front of a laptop or computer screen – says Sarah Jas from Solichov High School:

Beata Linyak, Principal of Sulechów High School, is also happy that students are returning to school:

The Sulechów High School Administration announced that in the first weeks after students return to school, they will not be questioned, and teachers will not take cards or exams.

– We care most about rebuilding relationships, love school and each other again – Beata Linyak stresses:

Iwa Rawa, the superintendent of Lubuski School, is also trying to rebuild relationships in the early days after her return to school.

As he asserts, school administrators and teachers must do everything so that students can calmly and courteously return to study in full-time mode:

Remember that the return of students to full-time education was announced in April by the Minister of Education and Higher Education. Due to the systematic decline in the rate of infection with the Coronavirus, from May 4, students of grades one to three return to schools, and from tomorrow students of the remaining grades of primary and secondary schools will return.