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Team communication may soon be available in your favourite Android games thanks to Google Meet

For those of you who haven’t heard, Google is merging its Duo video chatting tool with Google Meet. At this point, it isn’t clear how exactly that transition is going to be managed. However, you can anticipate it to happen soon. Even while Google continues to develop new Meet features that will be useful as the service transforms from a business/education-first service to a video calling tool for everyone, The inclusion of third-party applications and services is one of them.

Google is working on the ability to “live share” an app during a phone conversation, according to an APK deconstruction. It’ll be able to handle both lighthearted chit-chats with pals and important business conversations at the same time. With its release, you’ll be able to stream music and podcasts from Spotify, view YouTube videos with your pals, and play games like Uno, Heads Up, and Kahoot with them. GQueues task management integration is now available for commercial users.

Icons for many more applications have also been added to the app. Interestingly, the functionality is being developed in the traditional Meet app, which will be phased down upon the completion of the Duo merger.. However, it’s likely to be carried over at some point.

Additionally, other in-app strings hint to additional features and possibilities. With Google Meet’s “take your call to a third-party app,” it seems to be limited to Android users at least for the time being. Toasts indicate that all participants may stop or restart the material being shared, whether it be a video, a song, or an audio podcast.

As of this writing, it’s not obvious when or if this feature will be completed and pushed out, or if it will even happen before the Duo merger is finalised. However, it will be at least a month before Duo has completely adopted the name “Meet.”