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That obnoxious “open in app” ad is blocked by a new programme called Banish

iPhone users may now surf the web without having to deal with annoying pop-ups urging them to download the company’s app. Using Banish, a Safari plugin, you can eliminate “open in app” banners and other popups that restrict content from a variety of websites, including Reddit, LinkedIn and Twitter, as well as a number of Google sites.

Safari addons for preventing cookie banners and advertisements abound, but none solve the problem of “Open in App” banners, which is particularly vexing. We should be grateful that things are as they are, but we can’t change the way things are right now. As a result, individuals are now spending up to five hours a day on their mobile apps.

To add to the annoyance, developer Alex Zamoshchin expressed his displeasure with the situation, saying that no one should be forced to use another company’s software. Banish was designed based on the cookie blocking extension Hush.

A renowned Apple blog, Daring Fireball, recently highlighted the app on Product Hunt.

Banish has to be installed on your iPhone and then customised in the Settings app before it can be used. There are a few crucial procedures that must be followed for Banish to work correctly. Banish has to be enabled in two locations in Safari Extensions: under “Allow These Content Blockers” and “Allow These Extensions,” flip on the option next to Banish. Then you’ll need to grant “All Websites” the “Allow” permission. Banish may help you prevent pop-ups in many circumstances once it is activated. However, the app is unable to avoid all “open in app” interruptions.

When testing Reddit URLs, we discovered that they opened the native app sometimes and Safari other times. Because the Reddit app doesn’t employ deep links (links that open in applications directly) consistently across all of its sites, the developer explains. Some sites, such as Reddit’s Topics pages, would appropriately deep link, while others would not. As a result, all links now open in Safari. To get around this, hold down the long-press option on the link you wish to access in Safari and then choose the option from the menu that displays. According to Zamoshchin, this will be the new default behaviour for Reddit links moving forward.

In addition, Banish can’t help with Safari’s built-in “Open” links, such as the ones that display at the top of Instagram’s page. Those aren’t the kinds of ads that this software was designed to counter. Remove the app from your iPhone if you don’t want to view them.)

Some additional oddities surfaced as well. If you were signed out of LinkedIn when you visited the site, it still displayed a login window in Safari instead of moving you directly to the person’s LinkedIn profile. However, this is how LinkedIn works. Despite the fact that Twitter’s website is far more user-friendly, it still has Login/Signup buttons and a “Open” app button similar to the one seen on at the top of the page. As a result, it’s clear that Banish can’t help with these matters.

The software was tremendously helpful in other ways, too. If, for example, a link to another Quora page was clicked, a blocker would go up requiring you to check in before you could continue browsing the site. The pop-up was gone, and you were able to navigate the site normally after installing Banish.

One time payment of $1.99 is required to purchase the software from the App Store. It’s now at No. 2 in the Utilities category of the App Store’s Top Paid Apps ranking.