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The Body Shop - a popular brand was created at the Avon plant near Garwolin

The Body Shop – a popular brand was created at the Avon plant near Garwolin

The Avon plant in Garwolin began collaborating with one of the world’s most famous cosmetic brands – The Body Shop. Cosmetics made in Poland will be available in more than 70 countries, inform

Avon Operations Polska is the world’s first manufacturer from the Natura & Co group, which started a collaboration with sister company The Body Shop. Avon Garwolin secured a new international contract to produce the Body Butters cult line. As of April of this year, cosmetics from the Garwolin plant are on sale in Asia, America, Europe, Africa and Australia with Oceania.

– Our factory has proven that it is able to fully compete with factories from all over the world in terms of technology, experience and production efficiency. I am proud of the great Avon Garwolin team and I think that’s not our last word. Collaborating with The Body Shop is a perspective for us to win new international contracts within the Natura & Co group – says Piotr Mikołajski, Avon Operations Polska Plant Manager.

Preparations began to launch Garwolin’s body butter production in November 2019. Close collaboration between Avon Operations Polska teams and The Body Shop resulted in the implementation of articles in brand new packaging and enhanced recipes. Body Butter relies heavily on natural ingredients and contains carefully selected raw materials from all over the world. The portfolio also includes vegan products.

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Avon Garwolin is now one of the largest and most modern cosmetic manufacturers in the world. Annually, the plant produces nearly half a billion items of cosmetics delivered to 50 countries. In a three production hall area, 40 modern robots are accompanied by 1,000 employees.