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Minister spraw zagranicznych Holandii Stef Blok jest zaniepokojony "erozją praworządności" w Polsce - dowiedziała się w środę PAP. Według szefa holenderskiej dyplomacji jego kraj za pośrednictwem ambasady w Warszawie "wspiera jakościowe dziennikarstwo śledcze".

The Dutch government is concerned about the “erosion of the law” in Poland

Dutch Foreign Minister Steph Black is concerned about “the erosion of the law” in Poland, the BAP found out Wednesday. According to the head of Dutch diplomacy, his country “supports quality investigative journalism” through its embassy in Warsaw.

Minister Black, on March 9, responded to questions by Morton Gruduyson, the Social Liberal MP for D66, leaving no criticism of Poland.

In response to a subpoena received by the Polish newspaper company, it seems The Minister is concerned about the “erosion of the law” in Poland. The government, through its embassy in Warsaw, announced that it was “supporting social organizations working to protect and promote the rule of law.”

The Cabinet emphasizes that a free press and media diversity are inseparable principles of a democratic constitutional state – Black wrote.

The government sees a threat to press freedom in PolandHowever, in his opinion, “Poland still has free media with public and commercial broadcasters.” However, the media landscape is very polarized, and the Foreign Minister points out that these conflicts have only intensified in recent years. However, the European Commission has no legal basis for restricting political influence over the media in Poland – He insisted.

The MP asked what tools the Netherlands uses to support civil society in Poland. The Minister replied that the Netherlands not only funds voluntary organizations in Poland, but also supports “quality investigative journalism” and that these projects are funded by the Dutch Embassy in Poland.

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