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"Wraca nienawiść do Żydów". Antysemickie incydenty w Holandii

“The hatred of the Jews is returning.” Anti-Semitic Incidents in the Netherlands

Broken windows at a Jewish cemetery in Rotterdam and a graffiti on the window of a Jewish restaurant in Amsterdam on Saturday are other events reminiscent of growing anti-Semitism in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. “Jewish hatred is coming back,” Justice Minister Ferdinand Gropenhaus said.

On Friday, windows were broken at a Jewish cemetery in Rotterdam, the Daily Telegraph reported on its website. The newspaper quoted representatives of the Jewish community as announcing the need to install expensive steel sheets instead of glass windows.

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“I’m already lost how many times I had to change them in recent years,” Chris Den Hoyt, head of the Jewish community in Rotterdam, tweeted Saturday.

The newspaper reported another incident. On Friday night, anti-Semitic inscriptions appeared on the website of the Jewish restaurant Hawkermel in Amsterdam. The newspaper recalls that this was often the target of anti-Semitic incidents.

More and more incidents

According to the European Union Organization for Fundamental Rights, the number of anti-Semitic incidents in the Netherlands has been steadily rising, the highest since 2014. In a report covering anti-Semitic attacks in 2009-2019, the agency reports that in 2019 there were 182 incidents, 35% more than a year earlier. The agency said 171 attacks were reported in the 2014 record year.

Dutch Justice Minister Ferdinand Gropperhouse announced the appointment of a national coordinator to combat anti-Semitism (NCAP) during the Hanukkah celebrations organized by the Maccabi Association on December 13 last year.

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– The hatred of the Jews returns to the community and it returns to the mainstream. We hear it on the street, at school, and in the workplace. In many places, the monster feels at home, Minister Grappenhaus said at the time.

The plan to appoint a co-ordinator has met with widespread support in the lower house of parliament, the justice ministry said on its website. It is an initiative of the Liberal VVT and the Conservative Christian Democrats (Christian Union).

The National Coordinator for Anti-Semitism is working to advise the Minister of Justice on Anti-Semitic Attitudes, Security and Strengthening Cooperation between Counter-Anti-Semitism – Informing the Ministry of Communications, December 13, 2020. The coordinator has not yet been appointed.

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