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The Netherlands introduces the vaccine passport, which is also valid in the country

The Netherlands introduces the vaccine passport, which is also valid in the country

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The government made the announcement in a May 5 letter to the lower house of parliament, Erstay Kamar.

The introduction to the document includes:In. Updated balance allows you to cross boundaries without testing coronawirusa.

Health Minister Hugo de Jonke wants the passport to be valid not only outside the country but also as an alternative to the test certificate.

In practice, there will be two forms of passport: paper and electronic. On the one hand, it will be a normal document, on the other hand – it will extend the functionality of the existing Chronometer application.

The latter has been in operation for almost a year. This tells you if there is a holder near someone who is a carrier of the corona virus. This way you can also make an appointment for a test.

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Corona virus. The system starts operating before the summer holidays

The government plans to display the QR code in use. You need to show if that person is there after the scan VaccineOr not. This is not only to travel outside the country, but also to be allowed for mass events taking place in the country.

Prior to this, the Minister of Health wants the entire system to be operational Holidays. In a letter to members of parliament, he pointed to a specific date – June 21.

Andrzej Pavlovchek (BAP) from Amsterdam


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