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The Vatican recommends "dialogue and understanding" with pro-abortion politicians in the United States

The Vatican recommends “dialogue and understanding” with pro-abortion politicians in the United States

Following the announcement of the June meeting of the American Catholic Bishops’ Conference dedicated to voting on the document on “Compassionate Synod”, the President of the American Episcopate, Jose H. Correspondence was exchanged between Gomez and the chairman of the council. For the doctrine of faith, Louis F. Lataria.

The Vatican’s letter, following a series of reports of US hierarchies, called on President Joe Biden not to seek sacred solidarity, and he openly – in word and deed – supported abortion and the radical demands of the LGBT and gender movement. Card. Lataria asked that his letter be made available to all bishops in the United States and presented his position on the planned definition of benevolent policies against pro-abortion politicians.

Los Angeles Archbishop Jose Gomez asks Cardinal Lataria to publish a letter to Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger in 2004 referring to the infamous Cardinal Theodor McCarrick. The head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith said that card. Ratzinger personally addressed the letter and declined to disclose it, believing it should “respect the intentions of the sender”.

Conversation on abortion and democratic consensus

Among the qualifications, Lataria recommended “dialogue between bishops to preserve the unity of the Episcopal Conference in the face of misunderstandings on this contentious issue.” A similar tactic for dialogue should be used by bishops against politicians, who “take a pro-abortion stance on abortion, euthanasia or other immoral laws, as a means for them to understand the nature of their position and to understand Catholic teachings.”

Sacred unity, in the context of the document establishing the standards for allowing politicians on the card. “Lataria felt that such a proclamation should express the true consensus of the bishops, while respecting the precondition that any decision of the Conference in this area should respect the rights of the individual commissioners in their dioceses and the individuals of the saints.”

The pro-life community is drawing attention to an attempt by a Vatican official to “soften” the conservative position of the American Episcopate and the abortion newspaper by using the term. Pro choice.

Card. Lataria suggested that the principles of benevolence should be elaborated not only on politicians but also on all believers, and pointed out that topics related to abortion and euthanasia were not “the only serious problems” in the church’s moral and social teachings.