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There is no life other than us in the Milky Way?

There is no life other than us in the Milky Way?

Scientists are hunting alien life near the heart of the Milky Way. We found none, despite examining 60 million stars.

Breakthrough Listen is a 10-year-old project created 6 years ago by Israeli-Russian billionaire Yuri Milner and late physicist Stephen Hawking. The preliminary results of the research aimed at finding radio signals in our galaxy have been published.

The research team, based at the SETI Research Center at the University of California, Berkeley, has made several attempts to find evidence of alien civilizations through radio astronomy. The premise of the project is simple: in the case of intelligent civilizations, they must transmit wireless signals, either intentionally or by mistake.

The team focused their attention on the center of our galaxy. About 600 hours of radio observations were collected using the Green Bank Radio Telescope in West Virginia and the Parkes Radio Telescope CSIRO in Australia. Scientists say it was the “most sensitive and accurate measurement of SETI” ever made at the center of the galaxy.

In total, about 60 million stars have been studied in the very core of our galaxy. The team looked for frequencies between 0.7 and 93 GHz, and the test results covered frequencies between 1 and 8 GHz at intervals of 7 hours and 11.2 hours. Repeated wireless signals that could be attributed to an extraterrestrial civilization have not been detected, as was the case with another study by the same team in 2019.

The scientific community is divided over whether or not we should search for intelligent life outside the planet Earth. Ideally, discovering evidence that our planet is not the only planet in which intelligent life arose could spur us on to further evolution. But there are also potential scenarios that are less optimistic and even hostile.