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They have eaten free at KFC for half a year due to an app bug. Now the students will go to jail

Five students from east China’s Jiangsu Province have been sentenced to up to 2.5 years in prison for exploiting a mobile app bug. Thanks to the gap, they ate free at KFC for six months.


As I mentioned before the site Global TimesA Jiangsu University student pointed out Application gaps KFC mobile phone and WeChat account, allowing you to use free meal coupons. The man decided to use his discovery and for a long time dined for free at KFC. Additionally, earn money by selling meals and coupons to other people. After some time, he introduced four of his colleagues to his “company.”

A gap in the app allowed you to use free KFC coupons

After some time, the fraud was discovered and the men were put on trial. It was recognized that from April to October 2018, students contributed to economic losses on the part of Yum China Holdings Inc. Based in Shanghai, any KFC restaurant operator in China.

The student, who was the creator of the entire process, caused losses to the company in the amount of 58 thousand Polish zlotys. Yuan (more than 33 thousand zlotys), and the remaining losses range from 8.9 to 47 thousand. yuan. Its preservation cost the company nearly 200,000 yuan (about 116,000 zlotys).


The men were brought before the People’s Court of Xuhui District in Shanghai, which ruled that a student who discovered and used the vulnerability should be sentenced to 2.5 years imprisonment and a fine of $ 6,000. Yuan (more than 3.4 thousand Polish zloty). The remaining four students were sentenced to prison terms ranging from 15 months to two years. They also have to pay a fine of between $ 1,000 and $ 4,000. Yuan (from about 580 to 2.3 thousand Polish zloty).

The Global Times requested comment on the Xuhui Court. Its representatives explained that the men committed a crime as they did Forgery For the purpose of “unjustified enrichment.”