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Three years I held my head

Three years I held my head

Katarzyna Dobor She conducted interviews with “Dziennik Łódzki” and “Dziennik Zachodni”, in which she revealed the scenes of “Nasz New Home”. The presenter spoke about the choice and fate of the participants in the program and responded to the accusations of Internet users.

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Katarzina Dobor on the scenes of “Our New Home”

The journalist admitted that the first three years of working on the figure were very difficult for her. She did not believe that people of the twenty-first century could live in such bad conditions.

For the first three years, I held my head. I didn’t realize the conditions people could live in. Now I no longer hold my head. Today I am just thinking about what needs to be done to improve it. (…) There is no need to be emotional, you have to go to work and talk to these families.

Dowbor acknowledged that choosing a family for the program is a key component. It is very important for participants to be ready to tell their story. If they do not want to speak publicly about their problems, they will not have a chance to participate in the program.

The family that we choose must also be willing to tell us its story. (…) We happened to come across families wanting to renovate their home, and at the same time they assured that they would not say anything about themselves. It’s hard for us to agree to this. We need their story.

The presenter emphasized that she was keen to present every family in the program with due respect. Viewers often only get part of the story – there is no consent for the participants to become the target of mockery.

We know the backstage we can’t always reveal. (…) We try not to make the families we help feel inferior; lest they feel that they are being stigmatized and humiliated in any way, because they cannot repair the house or do something that almost all of us own. For example, we all have a bathroom. However, it turns out, There are places and environments where someone without a bathroom would call themselves “stinky” and “dirty people.” It’s horrible and disgusting.

Dowbor also admitted that as much as 95 percent. The families who participated in the program managed to get back on their feet. Many of the participants found a job and recovered from the trauma and troubles they were exposed to.

Perhaps unhelpful families exist. They’ve gotten something, but they’re still stuck in a slump. However, 95 percent. Our families have taken a step forward. (…) These are completely different people.

One of the topics of interest to netizens is the removal of valuable furniture by the renovation team. According to Dowbor, the team is only taking out completely damaged and unusable items. When asked directly on this point, she specifically answered:

We never throw away your valuable furniture. Of course we change the whole house for our heroes, but if the family wants to keep something, they tell us and we leave it in the barn or the shed, or we give it to whoever they come for. We get rid of those rotting (…) and everything is moistened with fungi.

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