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Tokyo.  Polish athletes are in a prime position

Tokyo. Polish athletes are in a prime position

We are not the first, as many countries have already taken similar decisions. We want our athletes to go to Tokyo in good health, to compete and win, and not to bring any diseases from there – so commented Andrzej Kraunicki, president of the Polish Olympic Committee, on the government’s decision to vaccinate the Polish Olympic team.

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland, Matthews Murawiecki, reported the vaccination of Polish athletes.

I would like to stress that this is not a requirement for game organizers. Test required. It must be passed by all members of the Olympic team: competitors, coaches and accompanying persons. They will all be vaccinated, too – added Kraśnicki.

The president of the Polish Olympic Committee at the Olympic Center in Warsaw participated in a conference organized 100 days before the opening of the Olympic Games in Tokyo, which will be held from July 23 to August 8. Due to the pandemic, the Games will take place a year later than planned.

So far, Polish players have won 150 qualifications in 17 sports. But the qualifiers are still going on. The bottom line is that the qualifiers have resumed. I think our team will swing – as in the previous Olympics – between 230 and 240 people. Today’s information about vaccinations will contribute to the fact that preparations will be made with greater comfort – said the head of the Olympic mission, Marcin Nowak.

– We are in a very privileged position. I was recently at a medical committee meeting of the International Olympic Committee. Most of the athletes participating in the games will not be vaccinated or will be vaccinated too late, the committee chair said. Dr. Hubert Krishtoviak, Chairman of the Medical Committee of the Polish Olympic Committee, said that today’s information is very important for Polish sport.

But in Tokyo, everyone adheres to the well-known rules: stay away from a distance, wear masks, and follow hygiene rules. The tests will be carried out upon arrival, after which they will be repeated several times immediately – added Dr.

Olgerd Koyatkovsky