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Tomas Stockinger is in love.  We know who the boyfriend of the "Klan" actor is - O2

Tomas Stockinger is in love. We know who the boyfriend of the “Klan” actor is – O2

In 2008, Tomás Stockinger divorced his wife after more than twenty years. At the time his relationship with Ewa Kukliska was tumultuous, but this relationship eventually broke up as well. After that, the Polish actor was not in a stable relationship for a long time.

Who is the New Tomasz Stockinger Partner?

Recently, the 66-year-old was seen more and more often with a mysterious woman by his side. Nobody knows who the attractive brunette she was spending more and more time with. Additionally, the “Clan” star has not commented on their relationship in any way.


However, we do have a breakthrough. “Super Express” has found out who Stockinger’s darling is. It is known that her name is Katarzina. The tabloid newspaper also wrote that she is “a seductive business woman”.

The actor himself broke the silence. He confirmed that he and Katarzyna are a married couple. However, he doesn’t want to talk much about the new love at the moment.


When something special happens in our life, something that gives wings, stimulates and gives happiness a different dimension, we often want to share it with the world at large. I must admit that I am in this moment and definitely confirm it. But I also adhere to the principle that what is noble, important and valuable must not only be respected and protected, but also worth keeping for yourself, at least for a while and enjoying it in a more intimate way – says SE.

So it remains to be wished you luck. Surely the famous Polish actor lives every day in a unique way now.

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