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Transcription fee.  What is a "smartphone tax"?  How much will we pay?

Transcription fee. What is a “smartphone tax”? How much will we pay?

The DGP stated, “The Ministry of Culture, National Heritage and Sports has submitted a bill on the rights of the professional artist. The law establishes rules for supporting low-income artists for social and health insurance contributions. Funds earmarked for this purpose are obtained from copying fees from producers and importers. Reproduction and reproduction devices. Music, movies, books, articles, photos and cartoons. “

The remake fee, known as the “smartphone tax”, may cause the price of electronic equipment to rise by up to PLN 600, but Polish artists will benefit from it.

“Since this mechanism does not guarantee revenue stability, the state budget, in the event of a lack of funds, will ensure its supplement – in the amount of up to 100 million PLN per year,” according to the DGP report.

“As the authors of the law explain, the social insurance system is inadequate due to the specificity of the artists’ work and the irregularity of their earnings. They state that the income of 60 per cent of professional artists in Poland – including about 67,000 art school graduates – is below the average. ” Below the national minimum wage. Only less than 7% of artists can be classified as relatively wealthy. More than half of artists work under contracts for a specific assignment, and 30% without any. 14 percent “- we read in the article.