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Ukasz Piszczek reactivation!  Germany is dazzling.  Football "Bliskie Ido"

Ukasz Piszczek reactivation! Germany is dazzling. Football “Bliskie Ido”

Thanks to Borussia Dortmund, with two goals Erlinga Brauta Halanda Still in game to upgrade to next year Champions League. The team, led by Eden Terzic, is fifth in the standings with 55 points. BVB are two points behind Wolfsburg III, while Eintracht Frankfurt IV lose 1: 3 Bayram Leverkusen He has a point advantage only over the Dortmund team.

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“Haaland is the best thing that happened to Lewandowski.” The superior talent of BVB is already in line with the new club?

ukasz Piszczek is highly regarded by German media. “This match was close to perfect.”

ukasz Piszczek appeared for the second time in a row this season in the first team of Borussia Dortmund and is currently winning the competition with Thomas Monier And Matteo Morim. German media agree that Bishchik played a very good game against Wolfsburg, which was reflected in the post-match ratings. Bild rated the defender as “three” (1st vs. Germany World class, 6 is the weakest mark). Only Manuel Akanji got better grades, Mahmoud Dahoud (2) Warling Brut Haaland (1). and also gave Piszczek a 3-mark – he was very energetic and dynamic, although he looked inconspicuous in the second half. He did a solid job in defense. The veteran Polish player won the Turzic confidence in the match against him union She confirmed this with Wolfsburgim. He played hard and kept going – say journalists. and the newspaper Ruhr Nachrichten picked up a higher rating. Of them, Piszczek earned a score of 2.5. He was playing with the right intensity, he was smart at building the attack and wanted to run. He takes advantage of the opportunity he got from Eden Terzic. Every now and then he was very liberated from his opponent. He did not spare himself, and in dangerous situations he managed to catch the ball. From time to time, he was good at attack and accuracy – we read in the media. Previous class Representative of Poland To “deuce” he wrote that “this match was close to ideal.” – one fan or the other BVB You might wonder why Coach didn’t put Piszczek into the starting lineup often – they write.

On the next line Bundesliga Playing with Borussia Dortmund RB Lipsk And in the case of unfavorable results at the Wolfsburg meetings Eintrachtu Frankfurt He might be promoted to third. The meeting will be held on May 8th at 15:30.